When Big Boy met

414 Creative 

Armando Ruiz with Big Boy Consulting, a social media consulting agency, sought 414’s help in creating a brand that accurately portrayed the company’s culture and spoke to their ideal clients in a more traditional business setting.

Services used: Branding, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design

The Process

We worked with Big Boy Consulting to identify their core values and the essential messages they want to communicate to their customers. From there we identified a few keywords that led the direction of our brand concept and aesthetic, and stuck to Big Boy’s original brand colors or navy blue, black and gray.

The Big Boy Results

The collaborative process ended with a bold and minimal brand identity for Big Boy Consulting, which includes a lettermark that stands out from the crowd without having to yell at you.

Big Boy in the Real World

Big in Social Media

Since Big Boy Consulting is big time in social media, it made sense to create branded templates and covers for the major platforms. We created a bold and effective Facebook cover, and several branded Instagram Story templates that can be used to share the latest Big Boy news.

Brand Identity vs. Logo

Having a visual brand identity is so much more than “just a logo”. It’s like having a master guide on a hike – it gives you the perimeters and boundaries to most effectively communicate your message.

Your brand can be seen in the words you use, the design of your business card, and your social media presence .

Separating the Big Boys from the little boys

Branded Photos

Another element we brought to the table for Big Boy Consulting was several branded photoshoots to create a custom stock image library. Branded photos truly take businesses to the Big Boy level and allow you to communicate to your clients in a cohesive and effective manner that fits your brand.

Big Boy Brand Video

The final step in this rebrand process was to create a branded video to introduce Big Boy Consulting to the world. A branded video is a great way to cut through the fluff and speak directly to your potential customers. You get to tell them why you do what you do, how they can benefit and direct call to action which takes a potential customer to an actual lead.

Joshua & Melissa Curtis 

414 Creative